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We are here to support poor for a better life and solve their problems

WARD organization is a non-governmental, charitable organization in Tripoli, established in 2011 on the initiative of its President DR. Maha Atassi el Jisr, according to the knowledge and news of 8/AD issued by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.


WARD is actively working towards the provision of safety and resources for every needy, no matter where they are born or what their economic status is.

WARD works hand-in-hand with international organizations, private and public bodies to increase the impact of our support. We are proud to say that our partners have been proactive in implementing measures to limit poverty and save humanity.

Charity Programs

WARD provides a step-by-step appeal for fundraising to help the poor to raise their head and face the future with pride and hope.
Where poverty, famine and social emergencies strike, we stand with communities.

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Our Partners

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Our Impact

WARD is dedicated to save lives and alleviate suffering during crises, and assists in building capacity to ensure resilient communities and sustainable livelihoods.
Efforts work towards helping support sustainable livelihoods in the communities where we live and operate by:

Combating Unemployment
Investing In Education
Developing Communities